The Ultimate guide of Digital Marketing

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I strongly believe that Future success starts with solid fundamentals of marketing …

the ways of digital marketing can change and evolve but if we know the fundamentals then we will quickly be able to adopt the different mediums of marketing.

In this Article I have tried to Explain the following in details –

1.   The fundamentals of marketing

2.   Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

3.   CATT Marketing Funnel

4.   Integrated Digital Marketing

5.   Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

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So the first things first–

1.The fundamentals of marketing

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Marketing is based on science and phycology and not creativity. Marketing does not mean just selling but it involves the understanding of the product, customer and the niche.

After this a strategy has to be planned so that the product can be correctly positioned in the market..

The process of communicating and deciding what you want from the market. How do you want it to think and feel about your product can be termed as product positioning. Successful product positioning definitely requires the deeper understanding of

1.   Ideal audience

2.   Ideal market

3.   Ideal time

4.   Ideal price

5.   Competitors

6.   Competitors’ strength

7.   What can be our strength

8.   Can your product solve your customer’s problem

9.     Why a person will buy your product?

10. Getting trust of customers

ONLY after understanding and doing a complete research on the above topics we can understand how to market a product. Marketing not only involves getting new sales but also after sales and customer retention.

2. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an extremely evolving field. Digital marketing can include any kind of marketing that is done using any / all social media & websites. Digital marketing is very similar to that of traditional marketing. The different is it uses digital devices.

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Marketing your business through social media channels has actually made the marketing very targeted and easy like online organic search, paid search or the audience becomes familiar with your content by freely reading on their digital devices. And marketer can make new content and get the visibility which helps build trust.

Advantages of social media marketing

·        Increased brand awareness

·        More inbound traffic

·        Search engine rankings start improving

·        Higher conversion rates

·        Customer satisfaction

·        Improved brand loyalty

·        Cost-effective

Advantages of traditional marketing

·        Easy to do as we have set agency working since long .

·        People are use to the ads in newspapers, magazines or on billboards etc

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

·        It reaches only the local audience

·        In most of the cases, results can’t be measured

·        It is quite expensive, as compared to digital marketing

·        Traditional marketing is one way

Why digital marketing?

·        Results are easier to measure

·        Digital marketing campaigns can reach a lot of targeted people

·        One can tailor their campaign as per the audience, product, time and situation.

·        There is direct contact between the business and its audience and this has it’s own limitations and advantages

·        Two-way communication makes it look more natural and real.

 Post Covid traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Pre covid there were many business which never felt the need of digital marketing and believed that they or their niche business will never require digital marketing..

During covid as it is said that “Show must go on.” so the business also tried different methods to survive and communicate with end user and generate sales .. And obviously it was only through digital medium.

And post lockdown the digital marketing has obviously taken everybody’s attention.. Be it client or for that matter the producer or trader.

The most important reason for marketing is to generate sales. The marketing funnels are used to study /track the customer’s engagement with your product or a service.

 3. To generate more wealth we must have proper knowledge of the market and for that we follow the CATT funnel.

CATT funnel is based on your niche. The deeper you have knowledge in your niche the more wealth you can generate.



  • This is a cycle to generate wealth if you understand niche well
  • you will surely know the content very well and you will be able to create/ curate a better content…
  • Better content will lead to better attention from the target audience..
  • If you know what your audience will like to see probably the chances of getting more attention from them is quite high.
  • More attention means more engagements.. Which will surely lead to trust building.
  • And if target audience has got the trust of a brand then surly it converts into sales and more number of sales transaction.
  • More transactions would definitely lead to better understanding of the Niche ….
  • And the cycle continues ….

4. Integrated digital marketing involves overall and a combined approach..

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It can also be said as a complete marketing.

As marketing is based on phycology of a person.. So the approach can differ from person to person and an overall 360 degree approach will surely lead to better results .

The integrated digital marketing can involve

·        Website designing and development

·        search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)

·        Content marketing ( curating and making )

·        social media marketing ( of course a brand need not be on all the social media but it can be on the media where his target audience is )

·        local listings management ( Google my business , and many other back links will help generate traffic on website)

·        paid advertising (or pay-per-click advertising) campaigns

·        Email marketing ( it is like retargeting your ideal clients)

 5.Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

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  •  Personal brands can be bigger than the actual brands as people are more likely to trust the face of the brand rather than a logo.
  • To begin with this process understanding and learning of the subject- niche/ Target audience / market / other factors is very crucial.
  • Next is working on these factors to get results
  • Documenting the study, research and strategy in a blog form helps to create a personal brand where people will start looking you as an expert in that field.
  • Digital marketing is a is a very evolving field.. Or for that matter in today’s world, each and every business need to evolve and update its strategy so in case the person is blogging the changes and the strategy he can be recognized as an expert by the people.
  • An expert is always consulted by many others and in this way the person can start yielding income.
  • A person who is giving consultation can also start Mentoring people who are looking to become expert in the same / similar niche.
  • And this can become a startup business…
  • this is called mass blueprint!

This article was written as a part of assignment by Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch – X. It is a wonderful program where we actually learned all this and much more! If you too are looking for any sort of help in digital marketing feel free to text below …

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