So when I go for client meeting for the first time or when the do consultation we try to understand almost everything about his /her business.
The more in detail we go the better we can market the product.
Before starting we must be convinced to buy it then only we can convince others. Or in other words till we undertand the in and out of product we can’t market it ..

So Before you actually understand social media marketing first you need to understand the niche and then business in details..
For that you need to understand few questions and get the answers.
So here I present the questions that I ask and answering these question in details will definitely makes your understanding of the niche very clear.

(sneak a peek to my questionnaire )


So this is the most important question that what is the objective behind the social media, blog, website etc… that is what is the purpose….


  1. Which category your business falls into?

B2B or B2C

The strategy will almost change in both cases

Business to business eg .. a wholesaler giving to other wholesaler or manufacturer giving to wholesaler..

Business to customer directly – in this case we prefer in soft selling and doing eye catchy presentations…

3. Which of tags below best suits your business?

– Product

– Service

– Coaching

It can be multiple also.
For eg a salon can sell service and coach new students in doing it …


4 .Your business is at

  • Multiple location
  • Single Location

Single location has it’s own benefits – like showing the best in city … eg best Pizza joint of the city

While if it’s multiple there are chances of having multiple customer avatars…


  1. How many team members you have?
    This questions answers the size of business and inner details of the business


  1. What are the factors that your customers prefer you-?
  • Your USP
  • From your competitors

This is one of the most imp question as your marketing strategy will depend here ….

When you tell about your USP that is unique selling point. The Target audience starts knowing why exactly they should buy from you..
I very strongly believe that unless you know this you cannot position the product in the market properly …

if the client  or you are unable to answer this then a little more brainstorming is needed till you get this answer right …

I make my strategy around this!!!

And also you need you know how you are different from your competitor so that you get that edge over them.

  1. What kind of marketing you are doing it right now?

As if other methods are used then your method has to be in accordance with all this


  1. How have people discovered you so far?This is again something is a must know as this will answer from where we need to start.. sometimes people don’t know the answer and if they know they will try to get better advantage …

    for eg if u know that mostly I get my clients from Facebook and it usually happens when I post a testimonial …
    so it means more testimonial needs to be collected and posted !

  2. What they (your fans) tell about you?Some keyword form here can be used in marketing and these can be considered as your strong points …

    10. List of products/ service.

    Am sure you will agree that having this complete list will make you plan for the month very easily

Hope you will like this list !!

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