This is the most asked question. More followers on your account would be great, and these are the few steps you must follow–

1. Create a social media strategy

A strong social media marketing strategy is a must to grow organically in any social media platform. The more specific your strategy is, the simpler is the execution Keep it concise. Don’t make your plan extremely broad that it becomes unattainable.

Creating a winning strategy is to determine your objectives and goals. Without defining your goals, it becomes difficult to measure success or return on investment.

So each of your goals should be:
This is the S.M.A.R.T. goal framework. It will guide your actions and ensure they cause real business results.

2) Determine what sets your brand Apart

A brand must have its unique or one-of-a-kind product or service to not need to worry about the competition.
Most don’t have that luxury. To remain competitive and before the competition businesses need an ingenious marketing strategy.

Many companies provide products and services that are almost like theirs. Still, they remain at the top in their fields because they were able to capitalize on their uniqueness. People buy apple product for their unique features.
Building a strong, easily recognizable brand is a lot of hard work.

We need to just not only build brand awareness but also make a robust correlation between your brand and therefore the products you offer.
3.) Remember who you are … Do not FAKE.

When you get on Social Media it seems too easy to fake… and so many people make this mistake. They try to show and deliver what they actually can’t.
This practice can initially give you few FAKE followers but in the long run, will harm you and your brand.
It is quite easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and copy them. But for any brand, it is more important to be authentic and original to attract consumers or get leads.
Don’t forget who you are and what you came here to do. You are unique in every way and we want to see that.
The purple box says:- Being Unique is the most important reason your clients come to you. ❤

4.) Why does your business want to get on social media?
The very first question to answer is that the Why.
Well, the most important answer to this is because your Target Audience is there on social media.
Also, Are you on social media to market your products? To drive traffic to your website? Or to serve your customers?
In general, there are social media goals you can have:
1. Increase brand awareness
2. Drive traffic to your website
3. Generate new leads
3. Grow revenue
4. Boost brand engagement
5. Build a community around your business
6. Provide social customer service
7. Increase mentions in the press
8 Listen to conversations about your brand
You’ll likely have quite one social media goal, and that’s fine.

5) Identify you N I C H E:
Having a niche means you can be super specific about what you do.
Once you understand your niche and Niche audience.. curating content also becomes easier as you understand their requirement, what they expect and how will they respond…

☑️ Look at your competitor’s audience
☑️ Spend time getting to know your audience; look at your followers feeds and engage in their content
☑️ Ask them questions
☑️ Stick to your values and mission, don’t be afraid to be specific
☑️ Provide value

6.) Identify the social media platforms according to the niche Not all platforms have to be used for each business, it’s best to choose one or two, be consistent with relevant information to your business. Need a hand in working out which platform is best for you?

7) Find your target Audience – Think about the difference in what kinds of conversations you would have with your best friend at brunch vs. meeting someone for the first time and hoping they don’t judge and maybe that you can’t figure out what to talk to him…

This is exactly why you need to understand your target audience and what they will want to talk to you as a brand!!⠀

If you know who your dream client is inside and out, you know EXACTLY what to say, how to say it, and where to show up with all of the amazingness you have to offer.

8) Create meaningful Content –
Create content that speaks to your customer and is useful to them so that when they land on your profile they hit that FOLLOW button as they want to see more. ✅
That’s why people follow you.⁣

When you write a post, post, ask yourself, “What value does it give? Does it solve any problem? Does it help? Does it motivate? ”. If your content adds value, people will follow you.⁣

Quality post today + quality post tomorrow = quality content⁣

9) Understanding the social media Algorithm –
Knowing the way to understand your social media algorithm are often very confusing. But quite interesting if you understand the algorithm half war is won.

9) Invest in good graphic – Good graphic design quote important if you are using picture-based platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc.
The consistent, credible and noteworthy design will be implemented across your entire range so when a prospective customer comes looking, they will be enticed and curious about your brand and merchandise.
If your business needs a hand with graphic design, get in touch with us for an informal chat about how we can create a buzz around your brand.
10) BE CONSISTENT- Instagram loves consistency, the more you ‘show up with great content and use their service, the more the algorithm will show your content to accounts. ⏰
11) Learn some basic app to Make and manage post.
Some of our Favourite apps are Canva for designing

Inshot and flimora for video editing

Reels and shorts are too much in trend and is sure to make your social media grow much quickly ..

12) Jump on the Latest trends
whenever Instagram releases a new feature it organically promotes it ..
so it makes you grow rapidly if you use that feature ..

Hope these points help you grow your social media!

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