Five Ways Brands and Influencers Can Use the Clubhouse App & how you can tap into the app’s community and use it to grow your brand and influence.

1. Build an Engaged Clubhouse Community

Build an Engaged Community on Clubhouse App
What draws me to the Clubhouse app is the potential to build an engaged community and grow your sphere of influence.
By creating rooms on topics you’re passionate about and providing valuable conversations, you can quickly establish yourself as an industry expert.
Users can check out your profile and follow you. Next time you go live, your audience will receive a push notification so they can tune in.
Besides building a community of potential customers, you can also grow your business by networking on the app. Engage with other entrepreneurs and influencers to develop invaluable business relationships in a new format.

2. Get Customer and Business Feedback From Clubhouse Users
If you hang around on Clubhouse long enough, you might see one of the founders pop in to ask for feedback on a new feature.
Take a page out of their playbook and do the same thing with your audience.
Create a room and ask for feedback on your latest business idea. You may instantly have other entrepreneurs weigh in if they think your idea is a miss or the next big thing.
Or, what if you have a business problem you’re struggling with? Start a conversation and see what solutions your peers recommend.

3. Keep Up with Current News and Trends in Your Industry
Clubhouse is social listening. You can follow influential people in your industry, keep tabs on your competitors, and stalk the categories related to your niche.
You’ll soon have a dedicated timeline giving you information on trends to watch, industry news, and audience sentiment.
All you need to do is join relevant chats and listen to what people say.

4. Issue Announcements Via Clubhouse
Once you start to grow an audience on Clubhouse, you can use the app to announce company news.
Let’s say you’ve decided to switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly suppliers. You can create a chat about your business decision and educate people about why you made it. It gives you a chance to bring your brand values to the forefront and have meaningful discussions with your audience.
Got a launch coming up? Create a room and announce your new product or features. It may prove an excellent way to build anticipation with your community and get instant feedback.
Furthermore, someone might recommend a tweak or a feature they would like to see. You can use Clubhouse’s format for crowdsourcing ideas.

5. Connect With Investors on Clubhouse
Venture capitalists (VCs) are a big part of the exclusive crowd mingling on Clubhouse.
This presents an exciting opportunity for startups to get in front of investors and make valuable business connections.
So how can you grab the attention of VCs?
Start a room to talk about your business. You could get immediate feedback from investors and use it to improve your product and pitch.
Add value in other rooms. Talk about what you do, who you help, and the problems you’re passionate about solving.
All it takes is the right person to listen at the right time—and that person could be a VC if you play your cards right.

As with any social media network, there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of before deciding if the platform is right for you.

Clubhouse may be a welcome addition to the social media ecosystem with its unique twist on the traditional format: audio-only. Additionally, given its currently exclusive nature, you could find yourself rubbing virtual elbows with not just your target audience but also with celebrities and potential investors.
If you use your time on the platform wisely, engaging in conversations and reaching out to the right people, you may see your brand’s community grow and strengthen.

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